An immersion excursion

Before I joined Cirkle, just over 18 months ago, I’d had some great PR experience. Having worked solidly on the Tesco account for four months and having switched between a multitude of food, drink, festival, restaurant and clothing clients at a busy central London agency for six weeks, I thought I’d experienced a fair bit!

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Catherine Webster, Account Executive  •  3rd Sep 18

The end of the road (at least for me!)

I have a reputation… for killing off musical careers. I’ll book a ticket to a show and the artist will cancel and never perform again. So imagine my trepidation when I booked to see some old-school R’n’B in the shape of BoyzIIMen. Surely four men would outlast my dubious abilities. You would think… But no.

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Law on Buying Pets to Change and End Horror of Puppy Farming…Hurrah!

If you’re a lover of four legged furry friends, you’ll be celebrating the amazing victory of the Lucy’s Law campaign to end the horrors of puppy farming. As 60% of Cirkle employees are dog or cat owners, we’re ecstatic to hear this news. It was the first thing I heard on the radio this morning

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Seeing the Big Picture.

The picture-story is back and bigger than ever, but thankfully with a bit more depth and a little less Kelly Brook. Firstly, just to clarify what we mean by a ‘picture-story’ as agencies use different names for them.  This is a moment-in-time PR stunt where a brand creates something, often big, often somewhere very public

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Chris Grabowski, Creative Director  •  9th Aug 18

Gareth Southgate’s Waistcoat

“We salute you Gareth Southgate. You mild-mannered, waistcoat-wearing, self-deprecating, modest, articulate, calm, sensible, measured, dignified, tidy-bearded **** beauty”.  Just one Tweet that I caught about the inspirational leadership style of the England Manager, Gareth Southgate. Leading his team into the World Cup Russia Quarter Finals, winning a penalty shootout (which an England team hasn’t achieved

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  4th Jul 18

Award winning pubs – count us in!

A night of celebrations, fizz, canapés and Walkers crisps – where do I sign up?! Last week was the National Pub & Bar Awards at BAFTA, run and hosted by Pub & Bar Magazine. I was delighted to attend this awards do with a difference – it reflects the pub industry perfectly, it was relaxed

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Vicki Baker, Account Director  •  31st May 18

Why diversity of thought can only come from true diversity

Reaching, and engaging effectively, with others through written, audio and visual means is, at a very fundamental level, what our creative industries do. Whether we need to communicate to stakeholders  on a corporate level or simply as consumers, doing this successfully is what ensures our industry’s continued commercial success. However as PR, digital and advertising 

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Ruth Kieran, Managing Director  •  9th May 18

Trailblazing with our new agency model

When I look back on my 20-year  journey  building Cirkle from a one-woman band in a converted garage into a highly successful and well-respected agency with nearly 40 staff, two offices, £5m turnover and a client list to die for, it leaves me quite speechless….and of course very proud. But no business is built on

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Caroline Kinsey  •  2nd May 18

ACS Summit 2018 Review: UK convenience already embracing future of retail

      As we enter retail’s new dawn, it’s unsurprising that the ACS (Association of Convenience Stores) Summit this week focused on the impending consumer trends that are set to change the face of retail as we know it. For those that have read our earlier blog that reported on The Future Laboratory’s Trends

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Amy Searle, Account Director  •  19th Apr 18