Your call is very important to us…. Or is it?

None of us these days are strangers to taking our customer service-related rants to social media when things aren’t working out – go on, admit it, you’ve done it at least once when you’ve had enough… or perhaps it’s your first port of call when something’s not right. It will come as no surprise then

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Childhood Obesity Plan: A Plan to Cut Sugar Content by 20% Over Four Years

After months of rumours and speculation, the government’s strategy to tackle childhood obesity has finally been revealed today. Early reports seem doubtful that the plan has any clout, with a distinct absence of elements that charities have been lobbying for, especially restrictions on television ads and cut price promotions of so-called ‘junk food’. Doctors and

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Amy Searle, Account Director  •  18th Aug 16

My Digital Chapter

In July, I started month two of my ‘Experience in the Round’ internship, with the digital team at Cirkle . Holy Guacamole, it has flown past! I knew I would love this part of Cirkle as I am a little social media crazy and so I was looking forward to this aspect. Sophia, our Digital

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Montana Brown, Intern  •  11th Aug 16

An Olympic minefield?

With the first week of the Rio 2016 Olympics underway, it’s difficult to escape the hype; with daily coverage in the newspapers, on the radio and across the TV and social channels. The run up to this year’s games was certainly not a smooth ride, as the Zika virus broke out in Brazil and drug

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Gemma Brown, Account Executive  •  10th Aug 16

A cracking trip to the Happy Egg farm

I can’t believe it! Another month has flown by and my time working with the Consumer Team at Cirkle is over already! So it’s time to update everyone with how intern life is going and what new and exciting consumer PR work I’ve been up to. During my month on the Consumer Team I got

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Nadia Smith, Intern  •  8th Aug 16

From changing nappies to changing jobs

When people warned me that time would whizz by on maternity leave, I didn’t realise just how quickly 12 months could disappear into a fog of sleep deprivation, nappy changing and peek-a-boo. So in what feels like only seconds since I waved goodbye to my old colleagues, it was time to start the next chapter

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Jenny Carter, Senior Account Director  •  3rd Aug 16

Have communications tipped the balance by becoming more emotional than rational?

I recently attended one of the PRCA’s Consumer Group events, ‘Getting the balance right – brand VS product communication – when to dial up rational and/or emotional messaging’ at the amazing Coca-Cola headquarters. It was hugely informative and hosted by our very own MD, Ruth Allchurch, who is also Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group,

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Kate Mistlin, Senior Account Executive  •  2nd Aug 16


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Byron Burger has found itself in uncomfortable territory this week after it worked with UK immigrations officials to identify illegal workers, and ended up on the receiving end of protests groups’ rage. Add into the mix the sprinkling of real-life insects into Byron outlets and social media

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As Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group, I was thrilled to hold our fourth event last night, this time at Coca-Cola HQ. The theme was ‘Brand Versus Product Communication’ looking at when to dial up rational and/or emotional messaging, and the event attracted a 60-strong turnout of senior PRs from leading PR consultancies as well

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Ruth Allchurch, Managing Director  •  28th Jul 16