By Invitation Only…

Monday 8th June was a big night for Cirkle Body & Soul as we launched two new innovative products for Remington…with a little bit of help from Beyonce!

We recommended that Remington move away from the typical press launch format, combine two product launches to maximize budget, and hijack an existing event that would have huge appeal to the beauty press. Beyonce’s “I am…Sasha Fierce” tour at the 02 Arena seemed the perfect choice and so far the strategy has paid off, with an extremely well-attended event for 46 people including 27 of Britain’s top beauty press and Remington VIP guests.

Invitees were welcomed on board a boat for a champagne cruise up the Thames to the 02 where the new products were revealed via bespoke videos and a ‘play area’, where they could try out the products and ask any questions. Then it was Beyonce’s turn to strut her stuff and light up the stage as journalists from Glamour, Cosmo, Fabulous, Stella and The Sunday Times got down with the Diva of all Divas in one of two extremely exclusive private VIP boxes.

A truly memorable night for all!

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