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15th Jun 09

Tuna – It’s A Fishy Business!

If the current economic climate wasn’t ‘fishy’ enough, the latest hype around the fishing of tuna just made things a whole lot worse. With bluefin tuna reported to be on the brink of extinction, many of us will now be forced to reconsider our favourite sushi order, or worse still our sandwich fillers? Just as we had begun making our credit crunch lunch from scratch to save a penny or two, a spanner has now been thrown into the works!

On the upside, at least now we won’t have to spend hours trying to rid our hands of the unpleasant fish oil odour commonly associated with tuna! If the Daily Mirror’s Great British sandwich poll, judged by the Earl of Sandwich is anything to go by, apparently we’ll all soon be loading our bread with stilton & grape anyway, so tuna shouldn’t be too much of a loss to our appetite. Last week hundreds of weird and wonderful recipes were sent in from readers, each suggesting inspiring sandwich fillers to tickle the nation’s taste buds. Other unusual favourites included marmite and chips – a modern twist on the traditional chip butty! So in the absence of tuna filler never fear – apparently more finger licking sandwich suggestions are now here!

If only there was a shortage of marmite. We can but dream…

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