Happy June 19th

Today is the happiest day of the year – apparently. A ‘scientific’ study has revealed that Friday 19th June is the best date in the calendar due to a number of contributing factors – the outdoors (O), nature (N), social interaction (S), childhood memories of summer (CPM), temperature (T) and holidays (HE).

Want to know how it was calculated? Then follow carefully:
O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He
Get it? Good.

But does it really take a scientist to tell us that we’re going to be happiest on a summer’s day – especially a Friday – when the sun is shining, evenings are longer and lighter and we can enjoy drinks with friends in beer gardens? I think not. So is the formula genuine or is it a coincidence that the research was commissioned by Dr Cliff Arnall from the happiness clinics? Either way, the research has received widespread coverage this morning including national newspapers and GMTV and I for one am going to go along with it.

So will you have something to smile about today? I hope so. Happy Friday…

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