Peter Andre – Playing The PR Game Perfectly Or Going Too Far?

I have to admit I am firmly in Camp Andre over the whole Jordan/Peter split. That isn’t because I am a woman-hating female, I have in the past thought Katie Price was an honest, successful modern day woman.

Photos of Andre crying as he handed his children back to a nanny whilst Jordon flashed her thong in Ibiza proved to the world that he was a lovely man who had tried his best at being married to somebody who can’t even breathe without the attention of the mass public (however I must admit, in the depths of my subconscious, even those crying pictures made my cynical-self think Andre was playing this story out perfectly to make sure he emerged from this with a fan base to rival Michael Jackson. Not bad for a man known only for ‘Mysterious Girl’ – in the last century no less!).

So today when I read quotes from the man himself (not even leaked rumours) that he is going to remain celibate until his divorce is finalised as it the ‘honourable thing to do by Kate’ I started to think ‘hang on a minute Pete, we’re not morons – stop playing us like a banjo, its insulting’.

Don’t get me wrong, it IS great that he is honouring his wedding vows but a) why tell us if its not to drum up publicity in the same way we are constantly damning Jordon for these days and b) its only 2 months until the divorce is finalised so its not the grandest statement of love I’ve ever heard!

Maybe ‘I am remaining celibate until I find love again and meet the person I am happy to introduce my children to’ would have kept up the ‘Saint Peter’ image a bit better.

Anyway, I hear he is writing a book about all the reasons why they broke up – now that is surely the act of a man who doesn’t want to drag his children through unnecessary upset…

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