Has the X Factor lost its ‘X Factor’?

I’m sure I wasn’t alone on Saturday night, as I sat in front of the box, takeaway in hand, ready for the launch of this year’s X Factor. The build up alone had been enough to set our blood racing, as I prepared myself for yet another series of the infamous talent contest, much loved across the nation.

So was I alone as well in my feeling of disappointment when the first show came to an end? …Well according to Sundays papers, apparently not! Whilst 12 million people tuned in, it seems that the majority of the nation were dissatisfied (some furious to say the least!) at the newly revamped version. What was set to be ‘bigger, better, faster and tougher’ by creator Simon Cowell himself, seemed to fall on its head as the performances of the poor, deluded, dysfunctional victims were broadcast to millions for sheer amusement.

The newly found backing music prevented the true talent coming through, and what’s more, the racket of the audience made it even harder to enjoy the performance. Whilst the odd few had their chance to shine, Stacey Solomon and Danyl Johnson who stood out a mile, the common consensus and backlash following on from the show’s launch and dismal contestants seemed to be of a fairly negative nature. In fact the new look infuriated scores of fans to such an extent, that irate messages were strewn across a range of internet forums.

The question is, will we continue to watch, in the hope that once we reach boot camp, the entertainment value of the ‘talented’ contestants who have filtered through will finally take a U-turn?

Unlike many others, I would personally prefer to see a change entirely in the progression of X factor, and only be subjected to those who really are capable of singing, as opposed to the ones who have been let through to the panel of judges, with zero talent whatsoever, but guaranteed to create hysteria! Isn’t the point of a talent show that only those with talent are allowed to perform? Nevertheless, I have no doubt that I will be sat in the same spot next Saturday night, in the hope that the show gets better. Surely it can’t get any worse?

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