Lots (more) fun for Katie Price….

So Jordan has been on the PR campaign again this weekend, with another fun “family “ day out for self-publicist Katie Price. Yesterday, Katie took son Harvey to theme park Thorpe Park in Surrey while ex husband Peter looked after their other two children. As usual Katie and Harvey were accompanied by Katie’s new boyfriend – cage fighter Alex Reid.

They all appeared to be having a whale of a time as they got a soaking on the log flume – although judging by the fingers he has rammed firmly in his ears, Harvey found his mum’s shrieks of excitement a bit too much.

An eagle-eyed onlooker told the Daily Mail: “They all looked like they were having a fantastic time. Katie was holding Alex’s hand a lot of the time. She was also taking care of Harvey and making sure he wasn’t getting too hot.”

The lovebirds also ventured onto the scarier rides, including the Saw rollercoaster. Other visitors said Katie screamed all the way down. She must’ve been petrified. Either that or she was terrified that Peter’s new show, Peter Andre: Going It Alone, is going to replicate the record number of viewers this week which it pulled in on Monday night on ITV2. And with the upcoming appearance of Cirkle’s very own Louise and Kate on the show viewing figures are bound to go through the roof. To quote one very cool chick “We are so team Peter!”

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