Tacheback 2009: One Small Step for Man

I’m fortunate enough not to know anyone affected by prostate or testicular cancer. But when I heard from Remington about Tacheback, visited the website and read the facts and figures from Everyman, it shocked me. Prostate cancer kills one man an hour and has overtaken lung cancer as the most common cancer in men. There are over 36,000 cases of male cancer every year in the UK alone, and testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged 15-44. And so, spurred on by these stats and following encouraging noises from the Cirkle ladies, I’m growing a tache in September.

When it came down to it, I found it hard to find a reason not to. People go skydiving and run marathons to raise money for charity. All I’ve got to do is to sit on my bum in front of the TV, watch the footie, drink beer and not shave. Sounds like heaven to me! So when it comes down to it, the vanity excuse of being afraid of looking silly by growing a moustache doesn’t really cut it. When it comes to helping a charity for testicular cancer, growing a tache doesn’t take balls.

So now I’m on a one way journey to face fuzz heaven. No retreat, no surrender. For the next 30 days, I shall be cultivating my facial furniture safe in the knowledge that it’ll be doing the world some good. I’ll be growing a little Bono on my upper lip, if you will.

Should you so desire, you can Follow the Fuzz here on a daily basis. And, what’s more, you can even VOTE on which style of tache I should go for once my furry friend has grown in. There are five to choose from, so leave your vote below and I’ll shave into the winning style before the end of the month.

And most of all, please visit my Tacheback profile page: Incidence of male cancer is rising rapidly and affects fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, grandfathers and friends. So if you can spare even a pound or two that would be fantastic and for an extremely worthy cause. There’s more information on Everyman here.

Let the growing begin…

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