Lego & Spinal Tap: A Match Made in Hell?

At our recent biannual company conference, I presented a rundown of some of the top creative ideas that we should aspire to. Among these were some great uses of social media, including a fantastic clip from YouTube where someone has used an Eddie Izzard skit to create a brilliant video using Lego. Watch it below.

But in a very bizarre set of circumstances, Lego has fallen out with spoof rock band Spinal Tap for wanting to do a similar thing. The rock stars, who famously had an amp that turned right up to 11, wanted to use a clip of the band in Lego performing ‘Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight’ on their new DVD. But Lego thinks the song’s too rude and has refused permission.

The clip was created by a 14 year old and has been viewed some 110,000 times on YouTube, and was used by the band on stage during their recent ‘Unwigged and Unplugged’ tour. But when The Tap asked to use the clip as part of an anniversary DVD, Lego turned them down. A spokeswoman said that although Lego relishes customers’ creativity with its products, it felt the ‘inappropriate language’ and ‘tone’ of the video wasn’t right for its target demographic of kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

Do they have a point? Maybe. Spinal Tap is hardly aimed at 10 year olds. But interestingly, Lego hasn’t banned the clip from YouTube. So just maybe it knows all about the power of viral marketing and is more than happy for 110,000 people and counting to have had exposure to the video. And while seeming to do ‘the right thing’, the mere fact that the refusal has attracted media coverage can’t be a bad thing for Lego, can it? But whether it was with genuine concern that permission to use the clip was turned down, or whether Lego spotted a PR opportunity and grabbed it, the whole thing is very Spinal Tap…

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