Strictly Come X Factor

Autumn brings with it many dilemmas – summer frock or woolly jumper? salad or soup? But none are as tricky as what to watch on a Saturday night – Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor! Sadly, with a young baby at home, Saturday night telly is a highlight in our household and now the Beeb have decided to go head to head with ITV I’m getting ready to fight my corner to take control of the remote from him indoors. Being camper than a row of tents I love the glitz and glamour of Strictly, but I’m not sure hubby can live without his weekly fix of revelling in the horror of the disillusioned that actually think they can sing on X Factor. As far as I’m concerned there’s no competition – it’s got to be sequins, false lashes and glitter balls all the way. And if he doesn’t agree? Perhaps the alternative of he and I taking up ballroom dancing lessons might just be the persuasion he needs!

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