MTV Music Awards – The Weird & Wonderful

I am sure I wasn’t alone last night, in watching the much awaited MTV Music Awards, to witness the who’s who in the music charts, the newcomers, the best videos, not to mention the red carpet outfits!

But could it be that I was in fact alone in my utter surprise and loss of words, every time Lady Gaga appeared on the screen? Whilst I am fully aware that she is renowned for her eccentric behaviour and unusual dress sense, last night’s five outfit change was far beyond eccentric and verging on disturbing.

Her initial entrance was slightly odd to say the least, as she arrived in a limo with Kermit the frog, before appearing on stage in her underwear, only to then hang herself from the ceiling, as blood poured out from her eyes. In light of recent news headlines, is it just me, or was this display of attention slightly distasteful??

If that wasn’t bad enough, her subsequent outrageous outfits left little to the imagination. What would possess somebody to display a bird’s nest on their head? Or even to go as far as adorning a full faced red mask?

Whilst I am fully aware that my music taste may, at times, be regarded as ‘old fashioned’, (particularly as my boyfriend had to inform me on a number of occasions who exactly was on stage!), am I really that old fashioned to be asking what sort of message this bizarre display of behaviour must give out to the kids of today?

Whilst I appreciate that a number of artists have made their name, or upheld their reputation by a series of extreme behaviour, isn’t this taking things a bit far? Could it be that the MTV Music Awards are now renowned for such outlandish stunts, that the celebrities have come to tailor their behaviour accordingly to make as much noise as possible? Admittedly Lady Gaga did hit all of today’s papers, but whether or not the saying ‘all publicity is good publicity’ rings true in this instance is very much debatable….

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