Bah Humbug!

According to members of the public interviewed by Brand Republic in their latest video, the common perception is that retailers should wait until late October or November before rolling out their Christmas ranges, and that by launching them too early “puts people off” and is in “bad taste”.
The question is…”Are you too put off products that start advertising too early for their Christmas range, or does it help you plan ahead and spread spending, especially given the current economic situation?”
If journalists are allowed to plan their Christmas issues in July, and publish them in November then why shouldn’t retailers jump on board and do the same? Furthermore, fashion outlets begin selling their winter ranges throughout the summer season, enabling us to stock up our wardrobes with the latest must haves, demonstrating that early planning sells?

Harrods is long renowned for its famous ‘Christmas Shop’ which opens in July, displaying an elaborate array of baubles, decorations, Christmas crackers and gift ideas. Surely its longstanding presence is a sure fire indication that consumers do like to shop for Christmas so early on in the year?

Several consumers commented that Christmas promotions encourage their children to start thinking about their gift wish list, which in turn, caused them frustration at having to deal with it! Others found that the sight of Christmas created a sense of panic which they just couldn’t cope with in August!

Personally, I think that by stocking products so early on, retailers are providing consumers with the opportunity to purchase specific goods ahead of time, and avoid the mad rush in December. I for one am very much a fan of the Christmas season, and welcome the arrival of Christmas products in store early on, enabling the festivities to stretch out for as long as they possibly can and provide sufficient anticipation! (Although I have been booed by colleagues on several occasions, when I have loudly announced how many days are left until Christmas! Just so you know….it’s 97.)

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