Will Real Men Wear Tights?

Apparently, the latest fashion must-have for the man about town is a pair of tights. Yes, you heard me…tights. Apparently demand for ‘Mantyhose’ has risen so much that one of our top London stores has started stocking them.

Whilst I am sure this is more PR stunt than reality, I think it’s brilliant that someone somewhere is trying to push the boundaries in menswear. I love clothes shopping for me, but hate clothes shopping for the husband because it’s so boring! I feel for our men because their options are so limited compared to what is on offer for the girls. There was a time when men led the fashion trends – think of the renaissance fops with their towering wigs and high heels.

So come on gents, are you ready to join the tight revolution? If you are feeling the urge then please make sure your look is more swashbuckling hero than a wrinkly Norah Batty!

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