Can Too Much of A Good Thing Be A Bad Thing?

As many of us know the common saying, too much of anything can often be a bad thing. And in light of the recent news story surrounding hand gel, I think this has once again, been proven true. Over the last few months, Brits have really stepped up their levels of hygiene in order to avoid contracting the deadly swine flu. I for one can’t swing a cat without knocking over a bottle of hand gel, whether it be in my toilet at home, by my kitchen sink, in my handbag, or most commonly, on my desk at work. So much so, that I have actually become fairly obsessive in my generous use of antibacterial wash, wipes and gel!

But never once, despite my obsession, have I thought to drink the stuff?? Whilst I have no doubt, that it must be fairly dismal being locked inside a prison, starved of all pleasures, luxuries and treats, things must have really plummeted for the prisoners of Verne Prison in Dorset, who opted to use their hand gel as an alcoholic beverage to liven things up! And before you think they just swallowed it whole…no no. The prisoners went all the way to ensure that their latest cocktail was the best that it could be, as they steamed the alcoholic gel, strained it to ensure that just the alcohol content was left, before mixing it with sugar and fruit to form hooch! As you can imagine, prisoners + alcohol will always equal disaster, so following the drunken fight which broke out, the hand gel has now been removed.

If that wasn’t enough, Dorset County Hospital had to withdraw their alcohol based soap, to prevent vagrants from coming in to drink it!

With the threat of a second pandemic wave right around the corner, I would have thought that the alcoholic gel could have been put to far better use, and in time, perhaps these select few may come to regret their moment of madness! I will say one thing, when the pandemic does return…I’m staying well clear of Dorset!

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