What’s Your Guilty Little Pleasure?

It turns out that we are a nation of nose pickers that love to watch reality TV and listen to Barry Manilow! As part of our Life’s Little Pleasures campaign for Montagne Jeunesse we asked 3,000 people to tell us their life’s little guilty pleasures and it seems as though we’re all a bunch of coach potatoes!

It’s a good job then that the government initiative Change4Life is doing such a great job in getting people active. And it really does seem to be working. Just this weekend I drove past 5 different sponsored bike rides and fun runs and I’m noticing that friends and family who have never been the least bit sporty are beginning to feel the urge. Even my past his prime chunky husband has decided to go from zero to hero and has started an archery course so that he can represent his birth country (The Seychelles) in the 2012 Olympics! Truth be told I am getting a little bit fatigued with all the sponsorship requests and it concerns me that millions of keen but crazy cyclists have quite obviously not passed their cycling proficiency tests, but I do think it’s a brilliant campaign. Who knows I may actually do something too – sponsored yoga anyone?

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