Get An Instant Facelift…with a Cup of Coffee!

Today’s newspapers reported that a cup of coffee can smooth away those wrinkles! At first I thought this might just be down to some obscure research finding relating to a coffee ingredient that benefited the skin’s elasticity, but after careful reading I discovered that Nescafe has actually included the beauty ingredient collagen within their latest version of coffee to help eradicate those unwanted lumps and bumps! 200mg of collagen to be exact!

Who knew that collagen could simply be added to a food substance in order to reap the benefits?!Surely there are numerous ways to encourage consumers to drink more coffee without having to bribe them with surgical measures?

Nevertheless, before you get excited and rush out to buy some, it has only been launched in Singapore so far, so you might have a long wait until it reaches the UK. Which is not necessarily a bad thing…

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