Android & Social Media: A Match Made in Google?

In the world of mobile digital media, there’s a war going on. Usage of smartphones is predicted to rocket over the next six months as mobile social media comes more and more to the fore, and that means there’s a huge market just ripe for the picking. So as always happens with emerging technologies, a format war has erupted. But in this case it’s not the devices themselves which are battling it out for market share – it’s the operating systems that smartphones rely upon to work.

On the one hand, there’s the iPhone, which obviously uses an Apple operating system. On the other hand there’s the Blackberry, which uses the RIM platform. And then on the other other hand (yes, you have to be multi-dextrous in the digital world), there’s the Android platform from Google, which is being built into numerous devices. Oh yes, and on the other other other hand, there’s the Microsoft Windows operating system, again being used in multiple devices. Confusing, isn’t it?

It’s no surprise at present that the iPhone rules the smartphone world. Around 44% of mobiles are now smartphones, and the iPhone accounts for approximately 50% of those. But it’s Google’s Android technology that is making up a lot of ground on Apple, rated as vastly superior to Microsoft’s ‘clunky’ Windows platform and more flexible than the obviously Blackberry-centric and rather corporate RIM system. The latest mobile metrics report from AdMob says that in the last six months, use of Android devices has increased by an incredible six times, with market share now at around 20%.

Additionally, digital media website Mashable recently carried out a reader poll of over 5000 smartphone users in which 66% voted for Android over iPhone. People cited “the openness of the platform and third-party development process, as well as Android’s versatility, being able to be put to use not just on phones but also netbooks, tablet devices, eReaders and more”.

As someone who has just upgraded to an Android-powered HTC smartphone, I felt particularly smug to read that my hours of research resulted in making the right choice. But I can’t help but wonder, am I playing into Google’s sneaky plan to take over the entire digital world?

What are your views on the iPhone v Blackberry v Android v Windows war? And what experiences of any of these platforms have you had? Leave a comment below…

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