Do Not Disturb…

For all those exhausted mothers out there verbally bashing your husbands who swear they didn’t hear the baby crying in the middle of the night, you may want to whip up a fresh batch of humble pie!
According to recent scientific research by MindLab, men are only attuned to wake up to certain sounds, and a baby’s cry isn’t one of them! It’s true! In fact while a baby’s sobbing is the number one sound most likely to wake up a woman, it doesn’t even figure in the male top ten!

Car alarms, howling wind and a buzzing fly are however the prime noises guaranteed to disturb a man’s sleep! Those are closely followed by snoring, noise from drains and crickets!
A woman’s brain however, works in a very different way (as we all know!) The research found that the female’s maternal instincts kick in at the sound of a baby’s cry – whether or not she is actually a mother, closely followed by a dripping tap and outdoor rowdiness!

If this is the case, and men really are telling the truth, then isn’t it about time that a woman scientist created a car alarm which was triggered at the sound of a baby’s cry?! Read more…

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