£5000 for a Chocolate Teapot?!

The chocolate teapot remains a popular benchmark for objects that fail to perform their intended function. But that didn’t put off one eager buyer when the opportunity arose to purchase one created by Sebastian Conran.

The chocolate teapot in question was designed by celebrity designer Sebastian Conran for the Celebriteapot charity auction which will raise funds for the Typhoo Sports for All initiative in partnership with the Federation of Disability Sport. But when the charity received the unexpected and astonishing cash offer of £5,000 ahead of the auction going live on the 4th December, they saw just how useful a chocolate teapot could be!

For those of you keen to get on board, Sebastian Conran is just one of the many celebrities including Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr, The Saturdays, Chris Moyles, James Corden and Terry Wogan (to name but a few) who have given their support to the Celebriteapot auction.

To see the beautiful, sometimes mind boggling and outright hilarious designs (check out Alan Carr’s Susan Boyle inspired teapot!) simply visit and bid for your favourite to support a good cause. The auction ends 14th December, and all the money raised will be donated to the Typhoo Sports for All project, helping disabled men, women and children take up any sport of their choice, at a level and venue of their choice.

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