The REAL X Factor Winner

So Joe McElderry wakes up this morning with a £1m recording contract, instant fame, an almost certain Christmas number 1 and winner of one of the biggest most successful reality TV shows in history. However, although Joe is definitely the most effortless, natural singer to grace our X-Factor screens for many years we all know winning this much sought after X-Factor Crown is no guarantee of eternal fame and happiness. You do have the Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burkes and JLS’ of this world but you do also have the Steve Brookstein’s who is currently singing out his days at Pizza Express in Maidstone – not exactly the fame and fortune he envisaged I suspect.

No, the only guaranteed winner of these competitions year after year is the man who after collecting all the millions from the phone votes taken over the weekend, through the massively successful TV programme he created which is produced by the TV production company he owns, now has Joe firmly signed in to his record company. Yes, Simon “high pants” Cowell.

Although Joe was not his act and Cheryl has delightedly claimed this year title as Judge Victor, Simon would always have been the winner no matter which act claimed the final prize. Even if the much mocked/adored Jedward had won, Simon would have taken their five minutes of fame, pocketed the money and walked away knowing next year another Leona would no doubt pop up ready to make him even more millions.

The most unforgettable personality and ultimate winner of X Factor every year is without a doubt Mr Simon Cowell. And to quote pop mogul of the 80’s Pete Waterman “He is the artist. Everyone else is just a support act.”

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