ASDA: Leading The Fash Pack?

Asda is fast becoming known as a fashion innovator, rather than a purveyor of frozen peas, and their latest products look set to drive that image. Capitalising on our slightly thicker post-Christmas waistlines, George at Asda has launched a 50s-inspired dress and skirt with ‘corsetry’ built in, costing just £25 and £16 respectively. The clothes are made out of the same poly elastane material found in Bridget Jones’ big pants, and are designed to smooth curves and creating a waspish waist with no diet required.

It’s not the first time Asda have used this kind of innovation to hit the headlines – do you remember the £7 ‘moob tube’? It was a body-sculpting vest for men which sold out in just four minutes on their website, making it their fastest selling product ever.

Supermarket fashion has become a lot more popular recently – ten years ago no-one would have dreamt of picking up a cute little cardie with their carrots. Asda are really leading the march with smart, sassy pieces that haven’t been seen anywhere else, and fabulously inexpensive versions of designer pieces, and they are constantly attaining national press coverage with these creations.

It’s a genius idea, and I don’t know why we didn’t think of it before!

Will you be rushing out to buy a bit of supermarket couture?

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