Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Okay, so what is going on with some of our fave celebs and their P.D.H? Public Display of Hair.

First up, American actress Mo’Nique. She may very well have won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress at the glitzy awards do on Sunday but she certainly is not a winner in the beauty style stakes. As Mo’Nique strutted her stuff down the red carpet, for some unknown reason, she felt the need to reveal her pins which were somewhat scarily hairy. Whether she was trying to keep warm on a chilly night in L.A or trying to make a statement about going au natural, I don’t know – but I do know it’s a big no no!

Next up is The One Show’s Adrian Chiles. It’s reported that the Beeb has demanded he shave off his unruly whiskers in favour of a more clean shaven look. Now I personally do not have a problem with a guy with a bit of facial fuzz, in fact sometimes I prefer it, however, where Chiles has gone wrong is that he’s let his beard takeover with a mind of its own which has resulted in a trampy come grizzly bear-esque look. Not good. All he needs to do is invest some time in a little man-scaping by taming and grooming his beard.

And finally, mums’ heart throb and Relocation star, Phil Spencer. Seen here sporting a rather dodgy chest rug. Again, I’d like to point out here that I’m not adverse to a bit of hair on a man’s chest but how could Phil get it sooo wrong? Bless him, you can see where he’s made an attempt to de-fuzz around his neck line so no unsightly hairs are seen poking out the top of his shirt when showing couples around prospective new homes but, he seems to have forgotten this when he’s stripped off. For me it’s all or nothing. Phil should either go the whole hog and take it all off or leave it in its full glory but, like Adrian, take a little time to keep his unkempt chest hair well trimmed and groomed.

Needless to say, all of these hairy stars could really benefit from splashing a bit of cash on some products from our lovely client Remington!

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