On The Up; The End of the UK Recession

The big news today is that the UK is finally out of recession! Clearly this is fabulous news for pretty much everyone, but I won’t be cracking open the champagne just yet, as the ascent from recession has hardly been dizzying: figures show that the economy has grown by just 0.1% in the last three months of 2009.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great news that things are (slightly) on the up. However, I really hope that that the powers that be have learnt from this experience, because we just can’t afford to go back to how things were before. We’ve learnt some important lessons over the last two years, and not just how to cook with food that’s past its sell by date.

We should have at least learnt something about jobs, housing, shopping, wastage and bonuses, and maybe even a bit about where our own priorities lie. I’m not holding out much hope though, having heard the news about Goldman Sachs employees’ massive bonuses! It would be nice to think, though, that the recession could have had a positive impact on a whole generation who had perhaps started to take things for granted.

What do you think? Will anything good to come out of the recession or will the authorities continue to act like a bunch of bankers?!

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