Last night witnessed the biggest movie event of the year as the hottest celebrities arrived en mass, many of whom were hopeful of taking home a little ray of gold.

The 82nd annual academy awards were broadcast live from Hollywood’s Kodak theatre, highlighting the year’s biggest successes within the film industry. And if the prospect of winning an Oscar didn’t raise quite enough anxiety amongst the world’s most famous movie stars, they first had to run the gauntlet; ambushed by flashing lights and a vast array of TV presenters, all of whom were waiting with baited breath to review the outfits which dominated the red carpet . The fashion stakes were at an all time high!

But whilst the Oscars may be the movie event of the year, showcasing both the best actors, and more often these days, the best ‘dressers’, we have to feel for the leading British actors who are sometimes overlooked amidst some of America’s more publicised A-listers.

Specifically, my heart goes out to Colin Firth, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan and even the cast of Harry Potter – all of whom displayed award winning performances over the last year, but who lost out in each of their categories.

Whilst it is without a doubt a great achievement to have even been nominated, it does pose the question as to whether the smaller British films are perhaps just considered too small for the whirlwind academy, resulting in them never really getting further than a nomination. After the wealth of awards won by Slumdog Millionaire last year, we Brits seem to have been cast by the wayside this year.

Don’t get me wrong, each of these actors are most certainly rewarded come the Baftas, but isn’t it about time that the Oscars started to pay more attention to the efforts of smaller, yet equally impressive British films?

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