Celebrities stealing the thunder from hardworking PR’s?

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for the past few weeks, you won’t have failed to notice that the majority of the media has been filled to the brim with stories of celebrities. Or more specifically, celebrities and their cheating antics.

Tiger Woods set the ball rolling way back in November 2009 with that now infamous story of his ‘car crash’, but since then we’ve also had revelations from John Terry, Vernon Kay, Ashley Cole and even the saintly Mark Owen. It seems no-one is immune from the temptations that fame and fortune bring!

However, whilst these stories are all well and good for a few days, they leave behind a legacy of ‘follow up’ stories for the press. Yes, we know that Ashley Cole has indeed been a very naughty boy, but do we really need to have daily updates on what he is texting Cheryl, how Cheryl feels, whether she is going to take him back and so on? What about some real stories?! There are thousands of PR’s out there crying out with interesting stories for the press but we’re not getting any column inches because the share of voice is being hogged by celebrity affairs!

It’s not just the tabloids either. Even the consumer magazines are dedicating quality page space to the celebs because there is just so much scandal. Regular pages have been significantly reduced to make room for more pictures of these badly behaved celebs and their partners so the battle is really on for PR’s to continue to make our clients’ products shine. Not that we don’t love a challenge, but here is a plea for the celebs: Come on guys, behave yourselves so we can have our pages back!

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