Strolling to better health

In today’s busy lifestyles, fitting in an exercise regime can often be more strenuous than the actual exercise! However, according to a survey from Queen’s University in Belfast has found than even a casual stroll at lunchtime can have a really positive effect on your blood pressure and waistlines.

Participants who walked for 30 minutes each lunchtime found an improvement in their waist circumference and blood pressure after just 12 weeks whilst a separate group who did nothing, obviously found no change!

Here at Cirkle, a couple of the girls are in training for the High Wycombe Moonlight Walk so in support we have implemented a schedule of lunchtime walks each week around the scenic Beaconsfield village. The more energetic of us finishing with a stint on the PowerPlate once back at the office! We have all commented on how much we have enjoyed getting away from our desks for half an hour and how we feel pleasantly refreshed when returning to work. Any weight-loss and blood pressure drop is, of course, a welcome bonus but to take that time out is so beneficial, especially on stress levels and moods. I relate it to being at school and having ‘playtimes’, even in adulthood I feel it is just as crucial to step away and refresh the body and mind ready for the afternoon’s challenges!

I would definitely agree with the little but often theory, if faced with a gruelling fitness regime it can be daunting but simply taking a stroll with colleagues at lunchtime, especially in the lovely Summer weather, I think we could all benefit.

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