Back to the future

Sci-fi fans everywhere were thrown into a state of disarray after a new internet hoax has been doing the rounds today. Today is the day that Marty McFly allegedly travelled forward in time in the cult classic Back To The Future. But how far are we from hoverboards and self tying trainers?
I remember watching this movie as a child thinking it would be virtually impossible to live in a world so technologically advanced- I was hoping that I would live that long and was secretly jealous of the generations to come who would get to make the most of the gadgets and gizmos of the future! So, considering I used to think 25 was old, I have now come to terms that we ‘live in the future’. What gadgets do we have that were almost unimaginable back in the 80s? I had a quick think of the things that inspire me right now and have listed my top 3:

1, Smart phones: My first phone had an ariel, a green screen, lots of buttons. Smart phones have revolutionised the way we do things, combining so many features into something so small means we never have to worry about printing off tickets, checking the AtoZ, or even finding something to do! Location based apps are becoming huge and changing the way people are interacting with each other and throwing augmented reality into the mix is getting consumers to start ‘playing’, injecting a tiny bit of fun into everyday life… and we all know that’s a good thing

2, 3D TV: I was impressed at seeing these at CES this year while I think the 3D TV concept is not quite there yet, it is rapidly advancing meaning the readily available technology shows we aren’t far off. With TVs replacing the fireplace as the focal point of the modern living room, how will the 3D images change this and the way we watch our favourite shows, sports or even play our favourite games?

3, Games consoles: While I can’t pretend to be a gaming geek, the evolution on how we play on consoles is fascinating. Nintendo got the ball rolling with the Wii bringing motion control to the forefront but then Xbox took this one step further with Kinect.

What are things that inspire you right now?

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