Cheap and Cheerful…

Last week, Cirkle’s home town of Beaconsfield played host to several real life ‘Spidermen’. I don’t want to mislead anyone here – I don’t mean to say that they were swinging from the rooftops and saving us all from evil villains (now that really would have been something!). They were quite simply attired in lycra Spiderman costumes with Domino’s Pizza sandwich boards advertising a new store and its latest deals.

With the vast array of publicity methods now available to brands, this at first may seem like a strange way of promoting the opening of a new store but, upon closer inspection, it actually reveals itself as a simple, cost effective, creative and, most of all, memorable campaign. From dawn ’til dusk, several Spidermen were stationed around Beaconsfield at key roundabouts where traffic flow was highest and all displayed information on Domino’s latest deals. It certainly made the drive into work that little bit more colourful and, I have to admit, brought a smile to my face. Not because of the thought of pizza (although that alone would probably have done it…) but because of the chirpy demeanour of these Spidermen. The first roundabout gave me a ‘jigging’ Spiderman – dancing around from foot to foot – and the second roundabout gave me a smiley, waving Spiderman. They were certainly giving it their all and not just standing like statues. It almost made me want to continue my journey down the A40 to see if there were anymore waiting to cheer up my day!

This campaign got everyone in our office, and no doubt in offices through the town, talking. It was something new, quirky and engaging. And it just goes to prove that sometimes the simple ideas are the best and don’t have to cost the earth. A little bit of creativity can go along way in creating talkability and ultimately making a successful campaign.

And it worked. I went home that night and ordered a Domino’s Pizza!

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