Cartoon Confusion?

This weekend I changed my profile picture to Jessie from the Toy Story films. I did this the moment I saw a friend’s post saying that everyone was changing their profile picture to their favorite cartoon to support the NSPCC’s campaign to end child abuse. Not only did I think it was a great cause, I thought it was really fun to join in with all my friends and change my picture to a nostalgic cartoon character.

So, then I thought I’d do a little more research into the campaign and how it fitted in with NSPCC’s wider strategy. As I started delving a bit deeper, I found out it actually had nothing to do with the charity! It was a hoax!

Although the NSPCC had nothing to do with the campaign, they welcomed any increase in awareness of child abuse that it might have generated. I have no idea why someone would decide to make something like this campaign up – but it does just go to show how quickly an idea like this can go viral. I briefly searched Facebook for the campaign and found two groups with 171,000 ‘likes’ and countless more users who have changed their pictures.

A gentleman called Greg Felgate who, like me initially loved the idea and got involved, has decided to create something good out of this weird situation and set up a Just Giving page for anyone who changed there picture and wants to get behind the NSPCC and their real efforts to end child abuse. Nearly £1,000 has been raised. So if like me you were fooled, click here and make a donation to the NSPCC this Christmas.

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