Virtual Glass of Water

In Today’s Prohibition Culture, governments and brands are trying to curb, control, nudge and monitor our behaviour and this is becoming increasingly evident in social media gaming. Global trend forecasters, The Future Laboratory/LSN Global, have seen this in Xtreme Crunch Cart – a computer game that requires players to crunch carrots near to the microphone in order to accelerate their carts – the aim is to change children’s eating habits – and it’s a genius way to sell more carrots! I also loved Toyota’s ‘A Glass of Water’ app which challengers users to reduce their fuel consumption by 10% by driving with their mobile phone app which shows a virtual glass of water – on their dashboard. The app records good and bad driving, speeding, distance travelled, fuel consumed etc. and the negatives are expressed as water spilling from the glass. The data is used to rank players on the official ‘A Glass of Water’ website. All great stuff as brands embrace apps to communicate innovatively to their target audiences, but couldn’t your constant looking at the virtual glass of water cause a potential accident?

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