Russell Hobbs Blendologists stir it up with media!

The national papers may be a buzz with talk of the Royal Wedding but the single ladies in the Cirkle office have had much more pressing issues on our minds, namely the young, gifted and (most definitely) male Russell Hobbs blendologists we’ve been working with for the iconic British brand.

Cirkle unleashed the duo, Clinton and Pedro, on a room full of lifestyle and interiors journalists last Thursday at the Future Gallery, for the launch of Russell Hobbs’ stylish new Mies Van der Rhoe inspired range: allure. Sleek minimalism and architectural lines? Yes please. A first for the brand, the allure range features both breakfast and food preparation products, so for the first time your Russell Hobbs blender can match your toaster and kettle!

We know this is a must for those Kitchen Theatre fans out there as allure is so special it has its own kitchen trend – Kitchen Theatre! Russell Hobbs research shows that over a third of people questioned view cooking in front of friends and family as a theatrical performance. In fact, the kitchen has become the stage, the food and preparation products the props, and friends and family the audience! We knew you were a bunch of show-offs.

Russell Hobbs even published a whole report on it, which we launched at the event, while Tom Savigar of the Future Laboratory gave a talk on current and future kitchen trends, including the theatrical ones.

Over twenty-five media attended including @bbcgoodfood, @channel5_tv, @GoodFoodChannel, @RedMagDaily, @ideal_home_show, Which?, @deliciousmag, @GHmagazine, @HouseBeautiful_ and @homesandgardens, and with plenty of coverage in the pipeline we think its clear that allure were the real stars of the show (sorry Clinton and Pedro).

Take a look at the video if you don’t believe us, and brush up on our blendologists’ moves (they’re flair bartenders by night so don’t feel too bad). We dare you to try it for yourselves when the allure range launches in July!

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