Is Metrosexual Man Facing Extinction?

According to trend forecasting agency, Future Labs, we will soon be saying goodbye to metrosexual man and hello to The New Gent. This new tribe spells a return to a traditional type of masculinity that focusses on chivalry, sartorial style, connoisseurship and grooming.They are intelligent, mature and sophisticated and love quality brands with heritage.

According to Future Labs “The lad of the 90s has grown up into a man” which may explain the rapid decline in glossy men’s magazine readership figures. At a recent Future Labs New Gents networking evening, six expert speakers led discussions around the tastes, attitudes and behaviour of the New Gent and what it means for the modern man. The inspirational speakers included:

Simon Mottram, founder of cycle brand Rapha
Alice Cicolini, author of The New English Dandy
Alex Glover, manager at traditional barber Murdock London
Michael-George Hemus, co-founder of the new Truman’s beer brand
Patrick Grant, director of Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons and menswear label E.Tautz

Every speaker indicated that today’s males are interested in a more intelligent conversation, that they want to know about the provenance and uniqueness of a product that they are engaging with and that heritage from their grandfathers era is really appealing. Taking care of themselves and looking good is natural for these men – use of a moisturiser isn’t metrosexual it’s simply part of their grooming ritual.

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