Window shopping- no longer just the pass time of the thrifty

I’ve never really found window shopping appealing, to me it’s a form of torture- surrounding yourself with things that you want- but can’t have; a couple of weeks ago eBay changed all that. The online retailer created the eBay Inspiration Shop, a temporary storefront window in New York which uses QR codes to enable consumers to purchase objects as they pass by. By simply swiping your smartphone in front of the displayed object’s code you can instantly choose to ‘buy it now’, day or night without any need for shop assistants or opening hours. The displays were filled with the Christmas wish-lists of celebrities and were intended to communicate eBay’s philosophy that shopping is 24/7.

It’s pretty clever. I can imagine lots of high-street retailers adopting these codes in their shop fronts so that they never have to miss out on sales. I definitely think I’d be tempted to swipe as I was going past.

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