Lost in transmission: Traditional Christmas Spirit…if found please return

Social media greeting apps, virtual nativity plays, online shopping and digital eCards to name a few…Is there any chance of conversing and connecting with one another verbally over the festive season this year?
We tend to associate the holiday season with being able to give a little more time to friends, family, and those who really matter to us, but it seems that as we embrace the digital revolution, real relationships are becoming massively under threat.
The fast emergence of technology has disconnected us from the real world and thrusted us into a virtual world; one where we are forever dependant on various technology platforms and social media networks to engage with one another.
I have no doubt that this Christmas, out of sheer convenience, many will opt for sending greetings via any one of the abundance of digital options, readily available at our finger tips, including SMS, email, tweeting or sending a Facebook message. We may even consider uploading a simple status update, involving just a few festive words at the simple click of a mouse – that way we won’t even feel obliged to engage in conversation, should our friends comment or reply.
But how sincere are our digital seasonal greetings? Whilst eChristmas cards and social media messages may make our inbox’s swell with pride, I personally would question the veracity and depth behind a snappy Facebook message or a 140 character tweet – surely our nearest and dearest are worth more? We wouldn’t rush over a conversation at a Christmas dinner, in the way we would speed through an email compilation, tweet or Facebook status.
What’s more, those opting to send eGreetings will quite happily ditch traditional cards which once lined our mantelpieces and added to the festive decor.
With entertainment including music, movies and books now available in downloadable formats, there will be a lot less wrapped pressies under the tree. At least for the seasonal slackers digital Christmas shopping can be left until the last minute, the product will never be out of stock and I guess without the wrapping paper there is minimal environmental impact…But how sad that there is no unwrapping of a digital gift on Christmas day.
Whilst on the subject of shopping, we already know that online commerce is set to rise yet again this Christmas, regardless of not trusting eTailers to deliver on time! I understand shoppers won’t have to fight the drones of others on the high street but what happened to the traditional festive present buying commotion and seeing all the flashy window displays?
I could rant forever, but I should wrap this up as it seems I won’t be wrapping much more this Christmas!
With updates in real time about how people are celebrating and the constant barrage of uploaded festive pictures, all I am left to say is that technology is set to kill the art of conversation this Christmas.
Don’t get me wrong, social media is great for breaking news, keeping in touch with distant friends and family, plugging your latest campaign and keeping celebrities busy, but when it comes to traditional festivities, I believe we should be keeping conversation alive!
This Christmas I will be making the conscious effort to engage with loved ones in a more meaningful way….

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