I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

As a PRO, we rely entirely on the consumer and national media as a credible way of communicating with our target audience and generating visibility. The national papers in particular are held in extremely high regard, often renowned in the PR industry as the ‘holy grail’ of all editorial coverage. Whether it be clinical research, a quirky survey, or even a whacky picture stunt which we have to offer, getting past the news editors aka ‘gatekeepers’ is a campaign in itself! All PR initiatives are brainstormed and tailored around their ‘talkability’ factor and newsworthy content; in other words…will the journalists want it, and can we justify its credible nature?

But in the same way that these journalists ultimately rely on us to provide them with quality, newsworthy content, we also rely on them to provide us with a valuable source of daily information. So what happens when these gatekeepers interpret their sources of information differently, or more than often, are so constrained by time that they are unable to check their conflicting sources thoroughly?

Take for example today’s newspapers with regards to the Winter weather fast approaching. Whilst the Daily Express has dedicated their entire front page to report that ‘IT’S A WHITE CHRISTMAS’, no doubt mustering widespread hype and excitement amongst Brits nationwide…the Daily Telegraph shatters our hopes somewhat, telling us to ‘Stop dreaming of a white Christmas’. With conflicting headlines issued on a daily basis, how do we differentiate between fact and fiction, in the same way that they decipher which press releases to cover and which ones to ignore?

As a big fan of all things festive, I for one am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that snow is on its way, but whether it will realistically happen is another story….!

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