Chav Tranquilizer; Paddy Power hits the headlines again with its latest, shameless publicity stunt

Even as I write this, I still can’t decide if Paddy Power’s latest viral ad demonstrates clever and creative thinking or whether it’s utter rubbish. Either way, over 140,000 people have watched it on You Tube in the last four days since it was posted and it’s warranted a substantial article on the Daily Mail website. So I guess you could say, job done.

The viral ad campaign promises to ‘tranquilize chavs’ at the Cheltenham Festival in March, taking care of them ‘veterinary style’. In the 40-second video, a hitman stalks the grounds at a racecourse firing tranquilizer darts at unsuspecting members of the public.

They’ve got balls, it’s true. The controversial video adds to a long-line of boundary-trampling awareness campaigns including a huge, Hollywood-style PADDY POWER sign that was erected beside Celtic Manor Golf Course during the Ryder Cup and the ‘blind football’ advert which became the most complained about advert in 2010.

So, whilst the bookmaker could be accused of frittering money on campaigns that get torn down from the public eye before the horse has even had a chance to bolt, everyone’s talking about it…

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