Making catalogues work harder

The humble IKEA catalogue. If you’re anything like me it sits unloved and unused in a pile of magazines and catalogues and then gets binned months later.

But in Oz they have a slightly different problem – people don’t keep them long enough.

So IKEA Australia has come up with an ingenious solution. Based on the logic that IKEA products use space cleverly, they decided their catalogues should do the same.

The result is that IKEA Australia is offering to pay rent to Australian consumers for the space the catalogue takes in their home. Yes, they PAY people to keep the brochure.

Would-be catalogue renters simply sign up for the scheme online and are sent monthly rent cheques which are redeemable in-store… see what they did there? The online, off-line, in-store loop… genius.

The results? saw an uplift of 79% in visits, first week sales increased by 59% and in the first 3 weeks 68,000 households signed up to the initiative.

Oh, and, so far, IKEA has rented 5km2 space in Australian homes.

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