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Last week I attended the PRCA’s mini conference where they unveiled 15 compelling communications trends for 2015 and beyond. These were collated from senior PRCAmembers including our MD, Ruth Allchurch. Here, I’ve pulled out some of the ones that resonated most with me. 

It’s still all about trust and transparency: This was also the theme delivered by Guto Harri at the WIPR event that I attended later the same day. The ex Director of External Affairs to #bojo hammered home the importance of authenticity in communications and in the case of Boris he didn’t want to ‘take the bubbles out of the champagne’ when critics thought Boris should be ‘toned down’. Brands and organisations that are confident and bold enough to ‘open the curtains’ will reap the rewards.

Outcomes not outputs: Be highly outcome focused, yes log your PR campaign outputs, but they are not the reason you are running your campaign. Having just judged over 200 award entries for the PR Week Awards and PR Moment Awards, as an industry we need to get better at overlaying measurable campaign objectives against qual and quant outcomes including behavioural and attitudinal dial shifts and commercial impacts. I agree with the PRCA when they say we need to stop measuring what’s easy and start measuring what matters!

Brands should be consumer-centric: Now more than ever, communications should ask ‘What’s in it for the consumer?’, rather than ‘What’s in it for the brand?’ By unlocking and reacting to relevant target audience insight, brands will win.

Earned at the core, but we can do paid too: Organisations want big ideas that can be executed across any media, and that includes paid media and native advertising.

Content, content, content: images, animations, film, games, cartoons etc. Bite size, simple and fun – that’s the content that gets noticed and gets shared. Quality content is at the heart of good communications – develop the right content for your audience and put it in the right places – so as our digi team say ‘if content is king, context is queen’.

Set failure targets: Try, learn, apply and move on – try unexpected collaborations, enter unchartered waters. When I was agency-side for P&G their brand teams were set failure targets – a fantastic way to constantly push barriers and learn.

Use technology and social in physical spaces: Immerse consumers in brand experiences – and be useful and entertaining at all times. As the Future Laboratory said at their bi-annual trend conference that I attended, pay attention to the ‘phygital world’ – mixing the physical world with digital platforms and experiences to offer maximum consumer brand immersion.

    Rikki Weir, Director, Cirkle 

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