Twitter in 2015

I don’t think people would be too surprised if in 2015 Twitter followed Facebook towards zero organic reach. Much has been made of the impact that this financial model in Facebook has had on brands and marketers. So what would ‘Twitter Zero’ mean for marketers and brands? Here are some thoughts:

Test & learn while you still can

Knowing what territories and content that best align with your Twitter community is vital. Currently you can experiment as much as you want without having to invest in paid media, those days could be shortly a thing of the past!

Build an audience around interests around content

As an industry we’ve always talked about community building, but as platforms push us towards paid we need to evaluate this approach, becoming platform neutral and focusing more on getting great content onto the screens of the right audience.

Use paid to stimulate earned

In order to deliver ‘always-on’ reach we need to be strategic about our application of paid and earned to create the perfect balance.

Be creative

We shouldn’t be surprised that Twitter are making this move, they have been expanding their paid offering over the past 12 months. As community managers we need to be choosing the right paid product for the right update – one size doesn’t fit all.

Scale and engagement

Both of these need to be considered hand in hand. While paid will give us reach and scale, we shouldn’t take our eyes off engagement.

Simon John – Director of Digital Influence              

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