Brand Beckham – what happens now?

Over the past eight days Brand Beckham supporters across the globe have had their last ounce of hope extinguished from their already forlorn hearts. Is another solid, celebrity couple about to bite the dust and is this actually the beginning of the end for “Brand Beckham”, our undeniably favourite celebrity couple? We know that their marriage has always been subject to rumour and thankfully they still appear super strong but that doesn’t mean that with each false alarm our hearts don’t skip a beat. Because, simply put, how on earth would we cope in a world where Posh and Becks weren’t together?

The most recent headlines have spanned from the questioning – “are they in trouble?” to the speculative – “Becks wanted a divorce,” right through to one consumer weekly telling us they’d already gone their separate ways (don’t panic, it was premature and pulled from thin air).

After sufficient tears were shed at the possible (hopefully not “probable”) failings of Cupid, my thoughts turned to the beautiful Brand Beckham, this perfectly polished, successful and let’s be honest, sometimes sickening, family unit. If, this time, the rumours were to be true, do they have TIME to deal with a split? Can they re-work complex schedules to bring in the PR troops that will fiercely bat off the interrogation, headlines, accusations and interview requests? VB’s fashion empire would undoubtedly stay standing, Golden Balls’ ambassadorial role in football would survive but their positioning as the perfect power couple – where would that go?

Back in 2005 when we saw the demise of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, team Jen took a bit of a battering. The movie roles, albeit not necessarily the fault of Branjelina, weren’t exactly getting the critics vote (“The Switch” anybody? No? Exactly.) and the only interview requests were for exposes, top tips for surviving break-ups or exclusive new reveals of her “post break up” body. Would a split between Posh and Becks mean that the allocated Brand Beckham column inches would now be dictated by the speculation, cheating rumours and derogatory headlines that would ultimately side-line their frequent good-doings, partnerships and launch events? More importantly, would the picture stories that we love so much, comprising of coffee-runs and “Harper hugs David” snaps not be splashed across the glossy pages of our consumer titles? Would Brooklyn Beckham’s budding career and impending domination of the fashion industry be shunned for preferred coverage of a “troubled teenager” dealing with the fallout of divorce? And would the double act Instagram videos between Brooklyn and daddy-cool David be pitied and then analysed with “look how they’re coping after the split”?

When Brangelina was formed after THAT movie, it took years for the media to return their focus to the duo’s films and for bloodthirsty journalists to allow themselves to replace comparison pictures of lonesome Jen and lovestruck Branj with the quality content that the new power couple (sorry, Jen) were actually creating.

After Gwynny P and Chris Martin announced their “conscious uncoupling,” it took us some time to re-adjust and remember that these two veterans were actually pretty talented in their areas of expertise and not just a consciously uncoupled pair. To add insult to injury, the musical prowess of Coldplay’s frontman was eradicated and substituted for a while with the “are they/aren’t they” questions around the maybe conscious coupling of Chris and J Law. FYI, if they were consciously coupling, they aren’t any longer.

I don’t doubt that over the coming weeks the headlines will be dominated with all things “Brand Beckham” and that every possible angle surrounding their possible split (or more likely, a glum facial expression) will be saturated but here’s hoping that their media coverage won’t be dominated by the “split” for too long. After all, let’s face it, with Vogue front covers, a recent collab with Barneys and an OBE between them, there’s more to this family than a relationship status.

Sophia Mead
Account Executive

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