‘Silence Speaks Volumes’

We are living in an increasingly unreal world where everything is digital and spoken word is limited to adverts on TV or short clips on YouTube that you inevitably skip to watch what you really came to see… ‘Cats do the funniest things!’

When you drive, do you still notice the hundreds of billboards or signs advertising movies, food, music and the plethora of other marketable items being thrown at you?

There is one I used to pass a lot on my way to visit friends and it’s the Lucozade neon sign on the Hammersmith flyover which has been there since the 1950’s. it’s probably the only advert of sorts that I will always picture if someone asked me what I liked to see as I drove anywhere (if I had to pick).

In 2014, there were plans to replace the iconic (yes, its iconic) neon Lucozade sign (pictured) with a more ‘modern’ TV screen, still advertising Lucozade. These plans were rejected by Hounslow council and a petition was started by local residents and passers-by who have given the sign legendary status and related it to their childhood memories and therefore has a deep emotional resonance.

Does this mean that a static (or in this case, moving), sign is further reaching than an advert on TV? I would say it is as while millions of people get up to make a drink during an ad break, you can’t jump out of your car to avoid these signs.

What’s next for companies to advertise their products and to keep the consumer interested enough to sit and take note?

The latest big billboard stunt has allowed a small group of people to take part in ‘Survival of the Grittiest’ (Pictured below) which promotes the latest in the Tomb Raider gaming franchise. The idea is to put the contestants through the same harsh environments as you might see on the game for 24 hours. The public decide what it’s going to be, drizzling rain, sweltering heat, or an icy blast of snow.

Another clever marketing idea where words don’t need to be spoken for people to take note?

Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject of Lucozade, let me say I’m not just singing their praises because they’re our client!

Ashlea Treacher
Account Executive

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