Walking in a Window Wonderland…

With the festive shopping season now well underway, stores across London have yet again decked their windows with outlandish decorations in a bid to outdo one another.

Every year we make promises to ourselves to avoid the frantic rush and to plan ahead so that gifts are purchased well before the shops get busy… July for example! But we are busy, time flies and suddenly it is Christmas…again!
Christmas shopping in central London during December always has a massive hassle factor; dreaded traffic jams, unfeasibly long queues, hordes of disgruntled shoppers are just a few of the issues that shoppers have to deal with when trying to find the perfect present in one of the capital’s department stores. BUT…The big department stores do spoil shoppers with amazingly creative window displays…and suddenly present-buying doesn’t seem such a chore!
Let’s take a look at our top three faves!…

1. Personally Selfridges’ 12 signs of the Zodiac extravaganza has the biggest wow factor. The Oxford Street Store opted for an astrological theme this year with each of the 12 windows on its Oxford Street store depicting a different star sign. Two tonnes of glitter, 450 metres of neon lighting and 10,000 laser-cut leaves..

2. Harvey Nichols unveiled festive scenes of glitter and sparkle. Apparently window designers used at least a million flakes of glitter, more than 300,000 sequins, 15,000 gift boxes, 540 baubles and 620 mirror balls to create the scenes, under a loose theme of “disco-glam”. The look is inspired by Studio 54, the party wear trend of the season.

3. Fortnum and Mason’s windows are this year inspired by their collaboration with illustrator Kristjana S Williams who created the designs for over 100 new festive products. These include intricately painted birds adorned with gems and headdresses, as well as a variety of sweet treats, which have been transformed into 3D dreamlike scenes.

This lavish window dressing tradition not only builds good will but also brand loyalty. Every year shoppers return to their favourite stores, eagerly anticipating their decorations. This is crucial for brands because of the guaranteed talkability is creates and in turn the driving of footfall in-store…Tis the season to sell more!

Jodie Gee
Account Director

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