Why my Internship at Cirkle is Different

I applied for an internship at Cirkle on a whim, and I knew I wanted to work for this company, they looked great. Turns out, they had plans for two interns during the summer as part of an inaugural internship programme… miracles do happen; I managed to get an interview!

I was interviewed by Rikki Weir, who I actually thought was a man at first so that was embarrassing as I emailed “Mr Weir” (oops). As I arrived, this long -legged, fashionista, with pristine makeup and hair came to greet me and introduced herself as Rikki. I thought to myself, I want to work here; she looks like she’s out of Sex and the City. Long story short, I got the internship! I was so overwhelmed, and to be honest really chuffed. I got my contract in the post the following week (stunned at the organisation) and signed it straight away.

I was officially going to complete Cirkle’s first internship scheme called ‘Experience in the Round’, which meant I was able to explore the different parts of PR within the company, covering consumer, digital and trade –each for a month across three months.

The 1st of June came all too quickly and it was soon enough my first day was right in front of my eyes. I walked into the office, and was greeted by the Office Personnel Director, Jo. She walked us (myself and the other new intern, Nadia) into a modern, chic meeting room and handed us a box of stationery, laptops, a book about Cirkle, passwords, logins, post-it notes…. everything you could possibly need. From then on, in my mind, Jo was a real life Mary Poppins: she clicks her heels and finds a solution for everything.

I was absolutely taken a back, I thought I was dreaming, the organisation was perfect – everyone was, and is, so friendly and to top it all, I actually get paid (a lot of interns don’t). What’s the catch? Truth is, nothing. It is just one of those one in a million companies which was my light at the end of the tunnel.

My first month of consumer PR work was really busy, and I was working on different things every day which I love. I really enjoy brainstorming and I’ve had the opportunity to sit with the senior staff working on clients such as Ambrosia and Slendertone to discuss potential ideas for campaigns. My daily tasks also included speaking to journalists from different publications for example ‘Bisto Best Gravy’ as part of a ‘Free for Every Reader’, looking for social media coverage and blog posts for our Morrisons’ Nutmeg Event and organising personalised Ab Fab goodie bags for the premiere of the film to support the Cadbury sponsorship.

Since starting at Cirkle, I have had a lot of experience working with some of the top consumer brands and multi-brand owners including Ferrero, GlenLivet, Paul Hollywood, Pernod Ricard and many more. In addition, I have had so many opportunities, including meeting with Rhodri Phillips, the Business Editor of The Sun, attending media briefing events in London and supporting my colleagues with campaigns.

Overall, this has been my best internship by far (having previously spent 6 months in Dubai with the Hilton Group), I feel like a part of the team and everyone is always happy to help, from assistant’s right up to directors. I already feel like an employee, and I haven’t been here long. Cirkle is a company I am genuinely proud to be a part of and hope to work for in the future, once I finish my degree.

Montana Brown

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