A cracking trip to the Happy Egg farm


I can’t believe it! Another month has flown by and my time working with the Consumer Team at Cirkle is over already! So it’s time to update everyone with how intern life is going and what new and exciting consumer PR work I’ve been up to.

During my month on the Consumer Team I got to experience working with another range of Cirkle’s top and well-loved brands such as Nutmeg by Morrisons, Sharwood’s and the happy egg co. I was fortunate enough to help organise and attend the eggcellent blogger trip to a happy egg co. farm. The aim of the day was to show the bloggers how the VIBs (Very Important Birds) welfare is at the forefront for the brand.

After the many stresses of arranging travel, ordering ingredients, setting up and a very early start, it was all worth it in the end (I could breathe and relax once everyone had arrived safely and the chefs had all the right ingredients to start cooking).

So how did we ensure this message was clear to the bloggers?
The foodie/lifestyle bloggers had JP the farmer to teach them the ins and outs of what exactly the practices and ethos are of the brand. Whilst on JP’s immersive tour, they released the hens and got to interact with them throughout the day. Not forgetting, they of course got to help pick some eggs and take them home with them. If all that wasn’t enough, Jackson & Rye provided a sensational three course lunch for them. I don’t think any of them could deny the taste of the happy eggs made them indeed very happy. As this was my first PR Blogger event I attended I was delighted at the success of the day – you only had to take a glimpse at Twitter and Instagram to see all the Bloggers’ positive posts which they updated throughout the entire day.

As an intern, I learnt so much from this experience. I had the opportunity to network with a high calibre of bloggers – health and fitness, male lifestyle, veggies, lifestyle, bakers. They all had interesting insights and it would be a pleasure to work with them again. Not only this, but it was great to work so closely with the consumer team on this project; Both Sam (Senior Account Manager) and Jodie (Senior Account Director) were great company on the day ensuring everything ran smoothly. As well as this consumer team, it was amazing to meet and learn from the client first hand.

It’s now time for me to get involved with all things digital for my last month at Cirkle. I’m sure it’s going to be just as fun as I’ve found working on Trade and Consumer. I can only hope time doesn’t go too quickly as I’m not ready to leave Cirkle and have to go back to university!

Nadia Smith

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