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In July, I started month two of my ‘Experience in the Round’ internship, with the digital team at Cirkle . Holy Guacamole, it has flown past! I knew I would love this part of Cirkle as I am a little social media crazy and so I was looking forward to this aspect. Sophia, our Digital Senior Account Executive took me under her wing, and firstly introduced me to our exclusive ‘Social Inner Cirkle’ , which is our community of online influencers that allows like-minded bloggers, vloggers, pinners and tweeters to get involved in some of our client campaigns and events for e.g. HiPP Organic and Cheestrings.

I was responsible for the ‘Social Inner Cirkle’ twitter feed, and for recruiting new bloggers to be part of this exclusive community, on behalf of some of our clients e.g. the happy egg co. Speaking of the happy egg co, we ran an immersive bloggers event for them (where bloggers visited a happy egg farm) and it was my job to respond and tweet about this eggciting event;). Let’s just say I went a tad overboard with the puns tweeting that one of our bloggers was “poaching all of my good yolks”.

I have learnt a lot being part of the Digital Team, for example how important it really is for brands to have the right and most relevant online presence, as part of the PR communications mix. Cirkle has a great reputation, gained through genuine and authentic relationships with its clients and bloggers. For example, for HiPP Organic, we celebrate each of our bloggers’ children’s birthday with a gift which we delivered to their homes. How amazing is that! So there is just one of the endless examples of how far Cirkle goes to make an effort with its stakeholders and influencers.

On a separate note, one of our other clients is Just for Men (the male grooming product for grey hair), so part of my job this month has been to create social media content plans for the month on relevant articles e.g. “Best beard styles this summer” and “Celebrity beard styles to follow” . This has been great experience as I’ve learnt which print and online titles are the most relevant for different brands and that it’s all about targeting.

Another one of my interesting responsibilities was to look out for new and upcoming digital trends to update the team every week. This was a great insight into the digital world to see what wonderful and innovative creations are emerging across social media which then feed out teams with the right tools when pitching to clients for new campaigns. Having the opportunity to sit in on brainstorms for Cheestrings, Yollies, Slendertone and many more clients has been so great as it’s given me a real insight into how PR agency teams create strategic ideas for client campaigns. .

Overall, Digital is my thang, I have decided. It has definitely given me an idea of what I would like to do in the future. Now onto my last chapter for the final month of my three month internship – where I will spend it with the Trade Team which I am sure, will bring a different aspect of Cirkle into play, and one that will complete my knowledge of its ‘Influence in the Round’ proposition.

Montana Brown

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