Imagine if you had FREE celebrity endorsement from mega double-platinum A listers including Beyonce, Jay Z, Gaga, Michelle Obama (and hubbie), Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, George Clooney (and wife), Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Meryl Streep and Adele. With a combined Twitter following in excess of a whopping 260m (and that’s not even including Instagram), you would surely have one of the most powerful PR campaigns on the planet – off the scale in terms of earned media and positive influence. This is just a handful of Hillary Clinton’s supporters who have appeared live on stage at her rallies, made YouTube videos (think Katy Perry’s strip at a polling station, De Niro’s ‘Want to Punch Trump in the Face’) as well as boasting of their selfies with her (Kardashian, who else) and they make a compelling force.

Then we look at Trump’s backers who include Kid Rock (who said he ‘digs him’), Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson, the guy that used to play ‘The Hulk’, the infamous Melania, and of course that hugely powerful role model Charlie Sheen – a much inferior list compared to Clinton’s.

All this as we are approx. 20 hours away from knowing the outcome of one of the most divisive, most angry, (most non-policy-led) elections in USA history. So will Hillary’s celeb advocates help her become the USA’s first ever female president – you would imagine that with that stellar line up, it’s a no brainer … so why is the voting margin between them so narrow. Makes me think we need to relook at the ‘cult of celebrity’ and the power and influence that it has historically believed to have had?

Rikki Weir
Board Director

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