#Eatclean – How our generation is being led by social media


Flicking through your Instagram feed you can’t go one scroll without seeing the latest health trend pop up. #Eatclean, a hashtag used by people to show their healthy meals, has 35,814,142 (and counting) posts alone, but the real question is, with health trends taking over social media, is it being reflected in food and drinks brands?

The simple answer, yes. Attending the BBC Good Food Show this year, I noticed there was a stark contrast with the stands compared to last year; many of them were centred around health and wellness. Although there were still a couple of cake stands and the usual alcohol brands, many of the ‘typical’ food stands had undergone a healthy twist.

Ice cream, for example, focused quite heavily with multiple brands being in attendance. These weren’t your typical Ben &Jerry’s, these were 0% fat ice cream rolled in rice flour to ensure they kept frozen and still maintained a great taste. Or the chocolate brands, which were 100% vegan and low sugar to offer a healthier alternative. Wherever you looked the original had been replaced by a clean version, nut butters instead of butter, healthy oat snack bars, clean popcorn and of course the all-natural sweets.

In today’s society we live in an on-demand culture, which has changed people’s mentality and expectations about food. People want instant gratification from their meal as well as abiding to healthy living and so grab and go options are being replaced by nutritious fast food*.

It was incredible to see how in one year, through trends being shared across social media channels, that brands had clearly felt no choice but to follow suit and offer their consumers what they were asking for – the best tasting, but healthier products on the market. This all serves as a reminder that even though behaviours can take a while to change, social media sharing can accelerate that rate of change so it is important for brands to stay on top, indeed ahead of the game, and listen to the conversations happening around them and their industry.

Kathryn Foster
Account Assistant

*LSN:Global Online, 21.10.16

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