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23rd Jan 17

The Top Food Trends You Need To Know In 2017

Does your shopping list this week include seaweed, savoury yoghurt and jackfruit? Well, it should because these are some of the top new food trends for 2017.


2016 was a big year for weird and wonderful healthy food trends – all hitting our Instagram feeds. We saw the arrival of spiralized vegetables, sweet potato toast, smoothie bowls and basically anything with avocado! It seemed that apart from the odd freak-shake, croloaf/cronut and rainbow coloured bagel, everything stayed fairly healthy last year. However, with 2017 in full swing, it appears that this year could be an even healthier year.

So, what food trends can we expect to see flooding our social media feeds this year?

Jackfruit – The New Meat Substitute

Have you heard of a Jackfruit? This year, the national fruit of Bangladesh is reported to become the newest meat substitute in our diets.  The Jackfruit is one of the main ingredients in South Asian cuisine and is gaining popularity among vegans and vegetarians in the UK. The fruit absorbs the flavour of anything you cook with and has a meaty texture, therefore making it a great substitute for non meat-eaters. This particular fruit has a faint funky smell of onion but tastes like a pineapple or pear and is often found in savoury dishes. It’s even said that the fruit can imitate pulled pork after long hours in the slow cooker.


Apparently it’s the new kale and this year’s “superfood”. Seaweed was seen on the menu of many London’s top restaurants and is now on retail shelves. Seaweed was also linked to Jamie Oliver’s weight loss. The green leafy vegetable (is it even a vegetable?) is great if you want to experiment in the kitchen and it has the nutrient iodine in, which isn’t found in many foods.

Buddha Bowls

Buddha Bowls, also known as grain bowls seem to be the new obsession for 2017. The main goal is to fit as many colours and different foods in the bowl as possible, making them excellent for detoxing and eating clean… it’s everything healthy eating should be! They are easy, healthy and very ‘instagramable’. What more could you want?

Purple Foods

Purple foods are definitely one of the biggest trends to hit social media and are a new health fad this year.  According to experts from Whole Foods, our plates are going to look very colourful this year, with purple food in particular featuring – from purple cauliflower to purple asparagus and purple sweet potato. You name it, everything is purple. This particular colour in foods often indicates nutrient density and antioxidants, so they are the ultimate health fad.

Savoury Yogurt

We’re used to eating sweet flavoured yogurt, however in 2017 it seems that yogurt is anything but sweet. Savoury yogurt is another healthy food trend which has been estimated to become increasingly popular in 2017. Carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash and beetroot are just some of the flavours which have been infused with yogurt and are likely to hit the shelves.


Bored of your normal everyday porridge? Adding courgette (zucchini) to your oats is actually becoming a thing – hence the name ‘zoats’ – and it is believed that this interesting combination could soon overtake avocado on toast as the most instagrammed meal! Not only are zoats easy to make they add that extra vitamin C, protein and fibre boost to your meal, which explains why food/fitness bloggers are so obsessed with this new trend.

The Daily Mail has also reported on some of the hottest health food trends to hit 2017. They mentioned that many new food trends add extra protein value to people’s diets. Eating insects, bone broth, pea protein and black bean pasta were only a few trends which were mentioned.

As foodie PR’s we’re in the thick of the food industry, so we need to keep looking ahead at future food trends. For PR’s it is good to have knowledge about the upcoming market trends and to try and identify them before they even happen. Out of all the new food trends, none of them hugely appeal to me apart from the Buddha Bowls, so I may jump on the new craze, head down to the nearest Morrisons and grab the most colourful (healthy) food possible to fill my Buddha Bowl or maybe grate some zucchini in my next bowl of porridge.

Ella Farthing
Account Assistant

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