How digital is impacting the world of retailing

Digital retail

Today, where you can speak to a device to order a takeaway that is delivered directly to your door, the thought of pushing a trolley around a store and paying by cash seems quite alien.

With the meteoric development of technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it’s unsurprising to see technological enhancements creeping into the retail sector at an elevated rate. As retailers embrace the digital space, it is likely we will see an exponential growth in card-based self-checkouts, click and collect and contactless in store. Dare I say it, it won’t be long before even those payment formats will be a thing of the past. Who knows, iris recognition technology may well be a reality.

With our generation emerging as a ‘One Swipe Generation’, born in the time of Google, we are considered more time-pressed and therefore expect to be instantly connected to what we are looking for. Retailers can use this to their advantage by staying ahead of the trend and keeping connected to what their customers are looking for.

We live in an on-demand and instant gratification culture, which has changed people’s mentality and expectations, especially when it comes to food shopping. As someone who sees food shopping as incredibly time consuming, I have a grab and go attitude; online shopping for monthly shops and quick drop-ins to the local convenience store when I need a meal for that night. Although this is at the expense of the freshest packs and seeing new products in-store it is a sacrifice worth making.

Mobile apps, instant deliveries, self-checkouts and Amazon are all extremely appealing to my generation, as it means limited time on our part and greater convenience. Retailers can still play a part in this emerging digital world, with the rise of contactless in-store, retailers should look at apps and social media to engage with their customers and keep them shopping at their store.

As Amazon increasingly shows they are one step ahead with the launch of Amazon Go, retail is a space technology is going to have a large impact on and will be one to watch for the future. It is important for brands to stay on top, indeed ahead of the game, and listen to the conversations happening around them and their industry.

Kathryn Foster
Account Executive

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