Morning Routines of Successful Women


I headed to Stylist Live last week to see all the latest innovations from hairdryers to chocolate spreads but one thing which really caught my eye was the talk on morning routines of successful women.

From affirmations to yoga, emails before eggs and 7am blow-dries, I discovered the morning secrets of some of the UK’s most inspirational women including The Early Hour editor Annie Ridout, wellness and nutrition expert Jasmine Hemsley and Propercorn entrepreneur Cassandra Stavrou.
The world of PR is always buzzing and everyone will tell you that no day is the same; I think it is really important to try and take time for yourself in order to set the right mind set for the day ahead. This talk went into detail about successful women and what they do to achieve a healthier mind set.

To start Annie Ridout explained how she practices gratitude both in the morning and before bed. After setting her intentions for the day, she does yoga or another form of exercise and then gets started with work. The concept of exercising before work was popular with the entire panel, all of them included an exercise element to their day, crediting the endorphin rush you get as irreplaceable.

Nutrition expert Jasmine was focused on exercise and food, believing a good breakfast sets you up for the day ahead. She likes to start with eggs to get all of her nutrients in and it helps her to make healthier choices for the rest of the day and keep her on track. Finally, Propercorn entrepreneur Cassandra preferred to begin her day with a run or meditation to get focused for the day ahead.

Each of these routines are different but they share one common goal, all of these women are focused on starting the day on the right note by putting their wellness first. By getting up that little bit earlier they are making time for themselves and this is definitely something to be encouraged in the PR world. By creating the right mind set and keeping your eyes off the digital realm first thing in the morning, it allows us to focus and prepare a plan for the day ahead.

At Cirkle we have been working on our health as a company with our wellness days. The days ranged from having treats including massages and manicures to talks on our mental health and wellness. The days offered an opportunity to reflect on your own self-care in the busy world of PR as well as giving an insight into how to manage your stress and to remember that no-one is a super-human!

Kathryn Foster
Account Executive

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